Louis Foster

“I found when dealing with anyone with the dental initiative, it’s been amazing. Everybody been really friendly, communication via phone or email has been consistent and prompt”

Tsering Sherpa

Manor Lake

“Thorough, Consistent, and it was timely – they gave us a timeline and it was literally what I followed. They contacted me when it was time to do the next part of the stage.”

Colleen Gillespie

Taylor’s Lake Primary School

“Usually with the dental programs we do use, not all the kids will be able to participate. Using a dental program that allows all kids to participate will definitely make a big difference to the school”

Ayla Arif

Keilor Downs Secondary College

Australian Dental Health Victoria spent a week at Keilor Downs Secondary College. From the onset, the school found that no question or request posed a problem. The staff were incredibly approachable, helpful and friendly. This ranged from the staff behind the scenes to staff working with our students. The staff in the van worked tirelessly to ensure that the large volume of students they saw were treated with care. The feedback from students was extremely positive and we look forward to a return visit in 2020.”