Bringing Improved Dental Services to NSW

What is Australian Dental Health VIC?

Australian Dental Health VIC is an Independent Initiative providing all school students dental treatment beyond the Medicare eligibility criteria, meaning all students are able to participate. ADHV is an independent, stand-alone company that can see both non-eligible children alongside those who are eligible. The organisation runs on its own accord to ensure all children across the board are receiving vital treatment.

The Initiative

Oral Health Diseases disadvantage Australian Children across all states. The status of oral health is a significant reflection of children’s overall health and well being. Enabling children to maintain a healthy mouth allows children to speak, eat and socially develop with confidence. Not having to wait for treatment, is the impact that Australian Dental Health aim to develop.

Australian Dental Health Growth

Over the past five years, the team has been dedicated on providing all children a equal opportunity on receiving dental treatment.


Schools Seen


Kids Seen


Jobs Created


Refugee Children Seen


The Australian Dental Health NSW Initiative utilises the Medicare Child Benefits Schedule (CDBS) for children. The education Initiative is Free to schools and works beyond government funding to ensure every child receives a fair go and an opportunity to be examined by the Dentist. The team will attend students who do not meet the eligibility of the CDBS – providing an equal opportunity for all students across the board.

The Dental Van Travels To Schools

Children will be seen in their school environment, allowing them to feel safe and comfortable. Australian Dental Health standards of oral health co-aligns with the departments curriculum to ensure children are properly educated. ADH does this by offering interactive oral health classes.

An equal opportunity for all schools