Information for Schools & Organisations


Australian Dental Health Victoria has found that over 40% of primary students that have participated in this initiative had never previously been assessed by a dentist. Regardless of eligibility every child within every school will be seen. 

This means that nearly 1 in 2 children in your school will have never had a dental health check. Children are commonly taken to a dentist only after a serious problem has occurred, which could have easily been prevented had a health check been completed.

The ADHV is providing All Victorian Children with a fair go to be seen and properly educated by a health care Professional.

The ADHV provides ethical safe treatment for all students through their primary and secondary years and urges schools to keep this initiative closely alongside the school’s health program.

Educating school children about the importance of oral hygiene the correct techniques to look after their teeth

Engaging Oral Health Classes for students

Parents directly informed regarding their child’s current dental condition and follow up appointments are made accordingly

Healthy eating and oral health promotion for schools

An opportunity to identify oral disease while it is preventable.