A notice to Victorian Schools

A notice to Victorian Schools

ADHV (The Australian Dental Health Van) has become a leader in paediatric dentistry ADHV
throughout Victoria and across regional areas. Having visited over 400 schools in 4 years and
treating over 40,000 students, the has established the importance of running an efficient ADHV
and effective service. Regardless of eligibility criteria, the will see every child, which will ADHV
give students across Victoria an equal opportunity to participate. Inclusivity and participation play
a key role in the success of the programme.

Sadly, over 140,000 students missed out on this vital entitlement as parents were unaware of the
CDBS (Children Dental Benefits Schedule). This initiative works to reduce dental costs for parents
and eliminates the inconvenience of taking time off work for appointments, therefore helping
larger families.

The has found that over 40% of primary students that have participated in the programme ADHV
had never previously been assessed by a dentist. This means that nearly 1 in 2 children in your
school will have never had a dental health check. Children are commonly taken to a dentist only
after a serious problem has occurred, which could have easily been prevented had a health check
been completed. Children begin developing permanent adult teeth as early as Prep, it is therefore
crucial to address dental health within schools, as poor oral health habits can lead to negative
effects into adulthood. This initiative aims to not only improve, but also eliminate the “fear” of
visiting the dentist.

Schools will be at an advantage by bringing attention to the significance of oral disease in children,
as it is a highly underrepresented issue. The is urging Principals and Wellbeing Leaders to ADHV
invest their time into this programme as it works in partnership with the schools and their student’s

The objective is to assess and treat oral health disease and provide preventative interventions to
students. Inclusivity is a crucial role in achieving this, as low to middle socioeconomic backgrounds
will benefit from the free oral health classes offered. Continuously treating students throughout
their school years will promote independent self-care strategies, as it will become a routine
embedded into their daily lives.

It is time to remove the barriers and negative connotations associated with dentists. Children are
seen in a familiar environment, allowing them to feel safe and comfortable. No matter the
circumstance every child will be seen. Every school in Victoria is entitled to this service at no cost.
Act now to ensure your school is seen.

Only the Australian Dental Health Van is committed to providing
all Victorian schools with an equal and fair opportunity to have
the best oral health care. Not one child will be left behind.

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